The Pastoralist Integrated Support Programme (PISP) was formed in 1996 as a national NGO and mainly works with pastoralist communities living in the ASAL areas of Northern Kenya (greater Marsabit) as a local development agency. PISP aspires to contribute to the reduction of poverty and vulnerability amongst these pastoralists through sustainable fostering of community empowerment and facilitation of education, livelihoods development, governance and water related programs. We have a vision for a pastoral community that is peaceful, healthy, self-reliant and responsible for its own development.

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Overview of the Development Overview of the Development The Republic of Kenya extends from the coast of East Africa to western highlands with two thirds of its 600,000 square kilometre ar... Read more
Pastoralists’ Situation in Northern Kenya Pastoralists’ Situation in Northern Kenya Northern Kenya cuts across three of the eight provinces of Kenya viz. the Rift valley, Eastern and North Eastern Provinces. The area borders... Read more
Organizational Biography Organizational Biography In order make choices about the future, PISP considers it useful reflect on its identity, past and present circumstances. A reflection on th... Read more
Economic Environment Economic Environment The Kenyan economy performed well relatively in the years between 1964 and 1980 with the GDP growth rate averaging 5%. From 1980, the countr... Read more
Social-Cultural Environment Social-Cultural Environment In general, it’s noted that national policies are not complementary to the pastoralist communities e.g. the formal educational system is not... Read more
Major Achievements to Date Major Achievements to Date a)    Since its inception, PISP has pioneered the development of different innovative and appropriate water technologies in its areas of int... Read more
Political & Legal Environment Political & Legal Environment Kenya held its fourth general elections in 2007, the outcomes of which have been widely considered to be seriously flawed. The political cri... Read more
Technological Environment Technological Environment Northern Kenya has one of the most dilapidated road networks in the country that adversely affects the general development of the region. Th... Read more